Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Spotify patent reveals karaoke feature with auto-tuned vocals | Music Ally

Karaoke is a big earner for Tencent Music in China, so can it fulfil a similar role for the big western streaming services? Spotify may be one of the first to try.

After recent speculation that it’s working on a karaoke feature, MBW has unearthed a patent granted to Spotify in the US this month for “methods and systems for overlaying and playback of audio data received from distinct sources”.

One of those sources being the listeners themselves: “Users may, for example, wish to overlay a music track with their own vocals by singing into a microphone as the music plays”.

The system described in the patent would use the microphone of the listener’s device, and if they struggle to hold a tune, it may even help them. “In some implementations, media presentation system auto-tunes the vocals using data received from the remote server indicating pitch, beat, and/or chords.”

Watch this space (and start practising your high notes).

Stuart Dredge

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