Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Spotify adds livestreams to its in-app concert listings | Music Ally

Spotify has been showing artists’ upcoming tour dates on their profiles for years, although data on how effective those listings are at selling tickets is scarce.

With the live industry still shut down in many parts of the world due to Covid-19, the streaming service is taking the logical step of adding listings for livestream performances too.

Artists can’t just add links willy-nilly though: Spotify is working with Songkick and Ticketmaster as its partners. “If you have an upcoming event you want Spotify to share with listeners, you should work through Songkick to get these events listed,” the company advised artists in a blog post. “A select number of Ticketmaster events will also be automatically listed on Spotify.”

The dates can be chosen as the ‘Artist Pick’ on a profile, and Spotify will also be emailing its listeners with “personalised virtual events recommendations to listeners for artists they love (or we think they’ll love) to help get the word out”.

Stuart Dredge


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