Thursday, September 24, 2020

Musician bodies team up to attack Epidemic Sound again | Music Ally

Production library Epidemic Sound is taking flak from musician bodies again, in what’s becoming a regular, one-sided war of words. European bodies Aepo-Artis, Ecsa and FIM, who represent composers, songwriters and performers, are lambasting the company over issues including 100% buyout contracts; replacing composers’ names with the company name in TV credits; and its recent deal with Adobe.

“We call on any public or private company to refrain from collaborating with an entity that disrespects authors and performers and their basic economic and moral rights,” gives you a flavour of their anger, but you can read the full statement here.

In response, Epidemic CEO Oscar Hoglund told Music Ally: “Yet again, ECSA has publicly condemned Epidemic Sound without checking the facts with us. Our door is always open if any organisations want to engage and hear from us – or the musicians we work with – about how we support them creatively and financially through our upfront payments and 50/50 royalty splits.” This Facebook thread, including the views of one of those musicians, Pär Hagström – and his defence of Epidemic – is also worth reading.

Stuart Dredge


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