Monday, September 7, 2020

Music Ally’s Global Experts Panel: building a diversified post-COVID industry | Music Ally

Music Ally has just kicked off a new monthly feature. Our Global Experts Panel is a group of international industry leaders, and each month we’ll put a single, vital question to them.  The first Panel debuted a couple of days ago in the latest Music Ally Sandbox magazine, issue 259 – check your email inbox!

Global Experts Panel #1 addressed the effect of COVID-19, six months after the first lockdowns began. We asked, “What is the one key thing you learned about your area of the music business during COVID-19 – and what’s the one thing you realised that this business area needs to do next to thrive?” 

Our Experts didn’t shirk the issue, giving bold suggestions about how the industry can navigate out of the crisis – and leave a more resilient, diversified, modern industry in its wake.

Key suggestions included re-alignment in the live space. Our Experts felt that the music industry was dangerously over-reliant on touring, and explained how “live” now means much more than gigging.

Diversification of income streams was viewed as essential at all levels of the industry – and how marketing must rely less on the releasing/touring duopoly, and they suggested new ways to connect artists to fans.

Our Experts will share more experience, insight, and thought-leadership next month.


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