Monday, September 21, 2020

Million Mile Reflections On Charlie Daniels: Q&A With David Corlew | Pollstar News

From the fringes of Nashville’s late ‘60s counter-culture across a million miles of hard touring to ultimately steer one of the most innovative and enduring careers in music, David Corlew tied his fortunes to Charlie Daniels and the Charlie Daniels Band early on, and through many phases and stages. The former Golden Gloves boxer with the world-class mustache first built a reputation as a hard-working, tough-as-they-come tour manager for a highly-respected road team and, through a combination of guts and fierce loyalty, ascended to manager for the Daniels operation, accomplishing much along the way. Daniels and his tight-knit Team CDB built the Volunteer Jam into an enduring franchise, conquered both the rock and country airwaves, and were one of the early bands to form their own record label in Blue Hat Records. And they toured. And toured. First as key figures in the once-dominant Southern Rock scene, and later as a Hall Of Fame country band, Daniels and the CDB played for Presidents and soldiers, hippies and farmers, the epitome of professionalism and musicianship. [from]

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