Monday, September 28, 2020

J-Lo and Maluma’s #PatiChallenge races to 1.2bn TikTok views (but…) | Music Ally

Well, it sort of has, and sort of hasn’t. We’ll explain. Last week we reported on the marketing campaign around Jennifer Lopez and Maluma’s new singles ‘Pa Ti’ and ‘Lonely’, including a #PatiChallenge on TikTok launched with influencer Charli D’Amelio.

Her video has been watched 24.4m times so far, but videos using the challenge’s hashtag have racked up more than 1.2bn views.

Here’s the big caveat: when a challenge starts trending, all manner of TikTokers jump on the bandwagon, slapping the hashtag in their videos no matter what music track they’re using.

Browse down the #PatiChallenge index page on TikTok, and many of the top videos aren’t using the J-Lo / Maluma track that the challenge is associated with.

It’s something to be aware of when citing figures for TikTok challenges. What we can say, accurately, is that the ‘Pa Ti’ track has been used in 20.8k TikTok videos at the time of writing, from the song’s page on the platform.

Stuart Dredge


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