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Feature.fm Debuts Artist Bio Links

As of August 18th, Feature.fm revealed that artists will be able to provide their fans with an easy way to access the entirety of their content via a single link. Here, we break down what Artist Bio Links means for you.

Guest post by Randi Zimmerman of the Symphonic Blog

On August 18th Feature.fm announced Artist Bio Links, a convenient way to connect your fans to all your content with just one link. Here’s the rundown…

Feature.fm Introduces Artist Bio Links

A Feature.fm Bio Link helps you make the most of your valuable digital real estate. Feature anything your heart desires in one convenient mini site to showcase all of your latest content. From media and press to merch, your Bio Link links to anywhere and everywhere that matters to you.

Link to Anywhere & Everywhere // Add links to websites, streaming and social media, embed follow buttons and email sign up forms.

Get Built-in Email Collection & Action Buttons // Put your email subscriber growth on auto-pilot and add actions to follow, subscribe & add to the library.

Embed Videos, Songs, Albums & More // Invite fans to consume your videos, songs, albums, playlists and more directly on your page.

Fully Customizable // Easily customize photos, backgrounds, texts, colors, custom icons, and drag & drop the order.

Analytics & Powerful Retargeting Integrations // Gain valuable insight into your traffic and discover which content is performing with your audience. Connect with third-party analytics and re-market to your audience.

Click here and follow the steps to create your Bio Link.


To learn more, check out these helpful resources:

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