Saturday, September 5, 2020

Denver’s Acoma Street Project Launches Six-Week Socially-Distanced Music And Art Experience | Pollstar News

Acoma Street ProjectCourtesy Acoma Street ProjectAcoma Street Project:Attendees enjoy music and dinner at socially-distanced tables.

Denver’s Acoma Street Project is putting a whole new spin on livestreaming performances by bringing fans together to enjoy the show in a safe, socially-distanced setting, along with art, food and drinks, and a few in-person sets. 

The six-week pop-up, which is being promoted as the “first socially-distanced live stream music and immersive art-walk experience,” is being put on by Denver-based DJ/producer/promoter Brennen Bryarly (a.k.a. Option4) and Denver’s coclubs, which is made up of area venues The Church Nightclub, Club Vinyl, Bar Standard, Milk Bar, Lincoln Lots, and The Acoma St. Project.

Located at 1055 Acoma St, the pop-up kicked off Aug. 27-29 with headlining performances by BLOND:ISH, DUBFIRE, and Random Rab. 

The events feature livestreams of performances from acts around the world broadcast to a 26 foot, 4K LED wall, with the sets enhanced by “festival-grade festival-grade audio and visual production in a reimagined outdoor venue environment aimed to reconnect the Colorado music and art communities,” according to an announcement. With a capacity of 160, the parking lot at Acoma St. is set up with 40 socially distanced tables. 

Acoma Street Project Courtesy Acoma Street Proejct Acoma Street Project

The festivities begin each evening with four-person parties of fans (who are required to wear masks and remain socially distanced from other groups) escorted to a reserved platform where they can order food and drinks. Staggered groups are then escorted through a 5,000-square foot art work gallery featuring art from a diverse group of Denver-based creatives. Attendees then return to their private areas to enjoy dinner and music. 


"The Acoma Street Project is a very intensive labor of love,”  Bryarly / option4 told Pollstar. “Every single team involved with this project from top to bottom is committed to elevating what a socially distanced experience can be. It's the first model that we're aware of where all facets of the industry can work together on a small scale. On the technological side it allows artists around the world to  ‘digitally tour’ Denver where fans can listen to music safely and be immersed in a full visual show while maintaining physical distance from other groups. The model is built to wow audiences from beginning to end but the plan is to constantly evolve the space so it's never the same experience. We're just getting started!" 

Following an in-person set from Pretty Lights DJ Chris Karns on Thursday, this week’s lineup includes  livestream performances from Christian Martin on Friday and Steve Dark on Sunday. Dreamer’s Delight (wook shit) will also put on an in-person set on Saturday. 

Acoma Street ProjectArt In A Time Of COVID:Art installation at Denver's Acoma Street Project.

The Sept. 9-13 lineup includes Adam Deitch (break science) playing in person on Sept. 10 and livestream performances from Sacha Robotti on Sept. 11 and  Moon Boots on Sept. 13. 

The art walk gallery features visuals from multimedia artist Android Jones, installations from neon artist Scott Young and Living Light Sculptures from glass artist Alex Ubatuba.


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