Thursday, September 17, 2020

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month With Music | The Daily Rind

Hispanic Heritage Month is recognized in the United States from September 15 – October 15 and celebrates the contributions of Spanish, Mexican, Caribbean and Central and South American heritage. September 15 marks the independence of many Latinx countries including Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua, while Mexico and Chile celebrate their independence shortly thereafter on the 16th and 18th, respectively. 

At The Orchard, we’re incredibly proud to work with some of the top Latinx artists around the world. So this month, we’ll be celebrating the many contributions of Latinx culture to — you guessed it: music! 

Spanning continents, styles, and genres, united by passion and culture, listen below to just a few of the countless Latinx musicians The Orchard has the pleasure of working with all over the world. Be sure to follow The Orchard and this particular feature throughout the month as we continue to highlight Latinx music!

Adriel Favela (Gerencia 360)

Ana Gabriela (Deck) 

Anuel AA (Real Hasta La Muerte)

ARON (Piper Music)

Bizarrap (Dale Play Records)

Bronco (OCESA Seitrack)

Cornelio Vega Jr (Gerencia360)

Daddy Yankee (El Cartel Records)

Diana K (Diana K)

DORA (Dora Records)

Edwin Luna (Remex)

Elvis Crespo (Flash Music) 

Espinoza Paz (Viernes Music)

Frank Reyes (Mojito / Pimienta Digital Content Management)

Jarabe de Palo (Tronco Records)

Jowell & Randy (Rimas Records)

Juanfran (DN7 Music)

Los Ángeles Azules (OCESA Seitrack)

La Energía Norteña (Azteca Records)

La Fiera De Ojinaga (Azteca Records)

Los Temerarios (Virtus Inc.)

Marília Mendonça (Som Livre)

Mauricio Silva (J&N Records)

The Mavericks (Mono Mundo Recordings)

MC Buzzz (MC Buzzz)

Miguel Zenón  (Miel Music)

Mila e Jottapê (KondZilla)

Moonkey (Nacional Records)

Myke Towers (Get Low Records)

Noblezza (Codiscos)

Ozuna (Aura Music)

Pacific Broders (Gaira Música Local)

Pitbull (Mr. 305 Records) 

Régulo Caro (Aioros)

Rojuu (Polar Nights)

Trueno (NEUEN)


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