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Best Analytics Platforms for Video And More

As an entrepreneurial artist, data and analytics are incredibly important for assessing your growth and reach. Here, we look at some of the best platforms for video analytics and beyond.

Guest post by Randi Zimmerman of the Symphonic Blog

We talk about the importance of analytics all the time. Over the years, we’ve highlighted various platforms that focus on streamingsales, and even audience development. For this one, we’re diving into the best analytics platforms for video and more. Let’s dive in…

Best Analytics Platforms for Video and Beyond


TubeBuddy is one of the best YouTube analytics tools on the market. It runs as a YouTube certified browser extension, which means it works according to YouTube guidelines.

  • After installing the extension, a dashboard screen will be added to your YouTube page. This will show live streaming video analytics, help you set titles, descriptions, tag-lines, keywords, etc.. It’ll even help you improve the search engine visibility of your videos.


WARM is unique in that it tracks global radio data. So, if terrestrial radio is your focus and you need an affordable option for tracking your global airplay, WARM could be your go-to.

“WARM conducts real-time radio-tracking to report on what stations your song is being played. Closing the gap between music creators and radio listeners. — From boutique stations in Japan and college radios in Canada to national radios in 130 countries, you’ll always know when and where your music is being played. Even on specialist and genre-specific radio stations.”


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Steering away from data analytics and into artist investment, Indify is a data platform that helps professionals in the music industry discover emerging, unsigned musicians using a proprietary algorithm. The product ranks independent artists on their chances of future success. By creating this platform, we hope to provide music companies with the ability to monitor and analyze data relevant to unsigned artist popularity,” says Indify’s COO, Raffi Khatchadourian.

  • For committed artists looking to avoid the major label route, this platform is a unique way to gain investments in your music to help you move forward with your career and reach new heights.


Pex delivers independent video and music analytics, as well as rights management services, to creators, rights holders and marketers alike.

According to Music Business Worldwide“Originally founded in 2014, Pex’s tech monitors social networks worldwide – as well as platforms which rely on UGC content – to weed out music and film content that belongs to rights holders.”

  • It works by integrating its cutting-edge fingerprinting and indexing technologies to identify music and video across all major social platforms. Although not directly related to music alone, its rights and analytics services are worthwhile for anyone looking to measure the value of their content across the web.

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