Monday, August 3, 2020

Wire protest after Bandcamp ‘scam page’ sells their album | Music Ally

Bandcamp has been getting a lot of love from artists in recent months, thanks to its Covid-19 relief and Black Lives Matter sales. One artist who’s not quite so keen, though, is British post-punk band Wire, who’ve been having some problems with their albums appearing on Bandcamp without their say-so.

“You may have recently seen 10:20 for sale on Bandcamp. This was a scam page that was nothing to do with Wire, and is actually the second time this has happened on that site,” the band announced on Facebook – ’10:20′ being their latest album, released this year.

The post goes on to explain that Wire don’t use Bandcamp, so “you will never find legit Wire releases (digital or otherwise) for sale there”. A mailout to fans earlier this year gave details of the first time this had happened, with their 2017 album ‘Silver/Lead’.

“We have no idea who put it there, but no income at all came to pinkflag (and that means Wire) directly or indirectly through any business that we work with. Basically, someone pirated it,” Wire said then. “We got it removed through a third party but received no apology or recompense from Bandcamp — not even an acknowledgement something was amiss.”

As Bandcamp gets more high-profile, the company will need to watch out for similar scams, just as the big streaming services have faced their own challenges spotting music uploaded without its creators’ permission or knowledge.

Stuart Dredge


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