Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Wipo for Creators aims to raise awareness of creator rights | Music Ally

The World Intellectual Property Organization (Wipo) has teamed up with the Music Rights Awareness Foundation (MRAF) for a new campaign in support of creators’ rights.

It’s a consortium called Wipo for Creators, with a mission to “raise awareness and increase knowledge of creators’ intellectual property rights and related processes required for creators to be fairly acknowledged and compensated for their work”.

It’s planning to hold conferences and other events; launch “an online platform including educational videos”; and support the development and promotion of related services (“such as systems of identifier assignment and documentation of works, performances and recordings”).

MRAF is the body co-founded by Björn Ulvaeus, Niclas Molinder and Max Martin in 2016. The new consortium is now looking for members and sponsors.

“I am grateful and proud that WIPO is supporting this endeavour and that we will work together to raise awareness and increase knowledge of intellectual property rights for creators worldwide through education and support programs,” said Ulvaeus, who earlier this year talked to Music Ally about his views on creator rights, after being appointed as president of global collecting societies body Cisac.

Stuart Dredge


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