Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Techstars Music goes virtual and promises founder diversity | Music Ally

The Techstars Music accelerator has announced its plans for 2021, including the addition of Amazon Music as a new ‘member’ partner.

The program will also run entirely virtually for the first time when it kicks off on 16 February 2021, including its selection process, which is underway now.

Its managing director Bob Moczydlowsky is also promising that the startups chosen for the next program will have a diverse range of founders.

“Techstars Music is committed to 50% of our program CEOs being diverse — with a particular focus on Black, LGBTQ+ and female founders,” he wrote in a blog post kicking off the recruitment process.

“Black and LGBTQ+ culture are undeniable drivers of global music culture, and we believe startups led by individuals who identify with these cultures are best-positioned to shape the future of the business. Our program will use this benchmark of 50% Diverse CEOs going forward.”

This commitment will extend to Techstars Music’s mentors and investors too.

Stuart Dredge


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