Friday, August 7, 2020

Spotify teams up with DJs for ‘track IDs’ dance playlists | Music Ally

“Do you ever dance to your favorite DJ and wonder what track they’re mixing?” begins Spotify’s latest blog post, seemingly blithely unaware that the Shazam app was ever invented.

Sorry, we’ll stop snarking: Spotify is actually doing something interesting around this question. It’s a new range of playlists under the brand ‘track IDs‘ which are being created with DJs including Black Coffee, Nina Kraviz, Carl Cox, Kelly Lee Owens, Todd Terry and more.

The idea is that the DJs will regularly add the tracks they play in their sets to their playlists, ensuring that fans can find tracks that they enjoyed live (or, at the moment, livestreaming).

We’re interested in what kind of analytics the partner DJs will be getting back from this though: if they’re able to see data on engagement and skips, it could be a useful feedback tool to test new tracks out.

Stuart Dredge


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