Friday, August 28, 2020

Splash! Festival Expands To Two Weekends In 2021 | Pollstar News

Splash! 2019Philipp GladsomeSplash! 2019The festival will take place across two weekends next year, if gatherings of large crowds are allowed again by then.

Germany's main hip hop event, and one of the most important hip hop festivals in Europe, announced it will take place across two weekends in 2021.

Splash! usually sells out all of its tickets, around 30,000 since 2019, way in advance, it has been doing so for the past nine years.

This year's edition had to be cancelled due to the event ban imposed by the German government in reaction to Covid, a ban that just got extended until the end of 2020. Almost 90% of splash! fans swapped their tickets for 2021 – which effectively sold out more than a year in advance thanks to fans' loyalty.

Promoter Goodlive today announced the addition of a second splash! weekend right after the first, so that splash! 2021 will take place July 8-10 as well as July 15-17.

Both weekends are treated as separate events and will feature largely the same lineups. A$AP Ferg, A$AP Rocky, Migos, as well as German rappers Haftbefehl and RIN, have already been secured for both weekends.

There will also be artists exclusive to either weekend, like Trettmann for example, who'll only perform on the second weekend. More exclusive headliners will be announced soon, according to a promoter statement.


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