Thursday, August 6, 2020

SoundGym launches ‘a gym for the ears’ of musicians | Music Ally

A startup called SoundGym has launched a service called ToneGym, which it describes as “a new ear-training web application that uses deep gamification and deliberate practice methods to help musicians train, learn, improve skills, and unleash their full potential”.

Or, if you want the soundbite: “A gym for the ears”.

The web-based service will offer daily exercises, lessons on music theory, social features to connect with other musicians, and analytics to help track their progress.

ToneGym is free at its basic level, but follows the pattern laid down by other digital education products in offering a higher-tier subscription. In this case, ‘Pro’ membership costs $13.95 a month or $74.95 a year to unlock all of the service’s features.

It’s the second product for SoundGym: its first (also called SoundGym) launched in 2015, aimed at producers, and has since grown to more than 350,000 subscribers.

Stuart Dredge


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