Monday, August 17, 2020

San Juan Symphony launches $99 ‘digital season’ passes | Music Ally

If you thought getting concerts up and running again with four-piece bands was tricky, imagine doing it with an orchestra.

The classical music industry has been hit for six by Covid-19 lockdowns just like the rest of the music business, but there are also orchestras figuring out alternative, digital models to start their recovery.

The San Juan Symphony orchestra, for example, is launching a digital season pass called ‘Essential’, which will cost $99 and provide access to four concerts filmed at different locations.

“The videos will be made in advance and released as a ‘live’ streaming event where I’ll probably be interviewed or interviewing others and then we’ll release the recordings that we’ve made. People can then access them through their membership through our website,” its music director Thomas Heuser told the Durango Herald newspaper.

In time, there’ll be other ticketing options too. “We are determined to make music and to connect with our audience.”

Stuart Dredge


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