Wednesday, August 12, 2020

PubG Mobile, the world’s top mobile game, made $208.8m in July | Music Ally

The amount of money sloshing around in the mobile games industry continues to startle. According to analytics firm Sensor Tower, the top mobile game in July 2020 was PubG Mobile, published by Tencent.

It generated $208.8m in user spending via in-app purchases on Google and Apple’s app stores that month.

Comparison time: Tencent Music generated less than that ($186.6m) from music subscription revenues in the entire second quarter of this year.

It’s not an entirely fair comparison since the PubG Mobile figure is global (and includes App Store owners’ cut), but Sensor Tower estimates that 56.6% of the game’s spending came from China – around $118.2m – so over a quarter it’s still outgunning music subscriptions for Tencent in that country.

The chart is a reminder of how big games are for Tencent though: it also publishes the second most lucrative mobile game from July, Honor of Kings, which generated $192m of player spending – 94% of which came from China.

Stuart Dredge


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