Thursday, August 20, 2020

PRS Foundation preps scheme to ‘power up’ Black music creators | Music Ally

We don’t get many stories from charitable crowdfunding campaigns from people swimming across the English Channel. Beggars Group CEO Paul Redding is planning to do just that in September, and is hoping to raise £200k for two music charities: PRS Foundation in the UK and Sweet Relief Musicians Fund in the US.

The news is contained within Redding’s page on the Crowdfunder website: “the proceeds raised for the PRS Foundation will help them power up Black music creators and Black industry professionals through a large-scale program they will announce later this year”.

Beggars Group has already committed £1k for every mile that Redding swims – a Channel swim is around 21 miles – plus another £25k if he completes his challenge. It’s a cause worth getting behind!

Stuart Dredge


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