Friday, August 28, 2020

Pro artists are making $5k-$20k per livestream on Sessions | Music Ally

Sessions is the startup launched earlier this year by former Pandora boss Tim Westergren: a livestreaming platform for musicians to broadcast “with just a laptop and a microphone”. Now Westergren has been talking to Pollstar about how things are going.

“In the first 6-9 months when we were in beta, we recruited about 150 artists from around the world, and these were all amateurs, hobbyists, people with no fans. People at home playing music, big dreams but no presence. We put them on the service, gave them an audience and started letting them perform. And now, a significant percentage of them are making good money,” he said.

“The highest earners are making from $500 to $700 an hour playing from their home and making a living. More recently, we started adding professional musicians, not huge global artists, but working musicians. And they are making anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000 per show.”

While some of this money comes from people buying tickets, most of it is from Sessions’s tipping economy: “You can give money to request a song, give shout out, send a gift, or join a chat. Money gets you participation, interaction, acknowledgement, membership, it’s an exchange. And it’s extraordinarily successful…”

Stuart Dredge


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