Monday, August 24, 2020

Pollstar Announces 2020 State of The Industry Survey | Pollstar News

State of the Industry Survey


, along with sister publication


today announced the launch of its

2020 State of the Industry Survey,

which will poll the entire live industry on how it is approaching these unprecedented times towards formulating and implementing the best strategies possible for our return.

With the live industry’s leading data, trade publications and conferences, Pollstar and VenuesNow are uniquely positioned to access a broad cross-section of the live  business, including promoters, venues, agents,  talent buyers, artists, ticketers, production/concert support services, merchandisers, sponsors, labels, media and more.

The 40-question survey is designed to quantify the economic impact the pandemic and subsequent economic crisis are having on our industry while offering solutions on how best to prepare and navigate for the future. Also, in the wake of the recent racial turmoil enveloping our country, we are polling our industry on issues of diversity and inclusivity towards similarly finding solutions to create a more diverse and equitable live entertainment ecosystem.

“It is critical, especially in these challenging times, our industry have as accurate and actionable information as possible in order to plan for the future,” said Ray Waddell, President, OVG Media & Conferences, which oversees Pollstar and VenuesNow. “We have done exactly this every day for nearly forty years with industry-leading data and charts as well as award-winning editorial spotlighting industry excellence, innovation, technologies, emerging businesses, international markets, executives forging bold new paths and much more. We know that the marketplace is vastly different today than it was five months ago and it will be very different five months from now—which is why it is more important than ever we undertake this survey and assess where we are now. We appreciate very much your support and participation as we all work toward the big comeback."

The 2020 State of the Inudutry Survey results will published in the Q3 Recap issues of both Pollstar (issue date 9/28/20), and VenuesNow (October issue). Individual responses are anonymous and confidential and will not link back to you or shared outside of the context of the survey.

The survey ends September 7.


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