Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Picard 2.4.2 released | MusicBrainz Blog

This release includes even more fixes to previous 2.4.x releases.
It fixes some annoying bugs and improves overall usability.
Documentation links inside the application were updated to point to picard-docs.musicbrainz.org (thanks to the great work rdswift did).

For a full list of changes since Picard 2.3.2 see our release announcements for Picard 2.4 and Picard 2.4.1.

Changes in the 2.4.2 point release:

Bug fixes

  • [PICARD-1909] – No refresh of metadata on “Use Original Value” or remove tags
  • [PICARD-1911] – Removing tags does not update list views
  • [PICARD-1913] – Changing tags of a track without matched files changes original metadata
  • [PICARD-1914] – Editing track metadata edits data of previously linked file
  • [PICARD-1915] – An album selected during loading should update the metadata view when loading has finished
  • [PICARD-1916] – Picard crashes on older releases of macOS due to theming exception



Thanks a lot to all contributors who made this release possible.

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