Tuesday, August 4, 2020

NMPA boss takes another shot at Triller over licensing | Music Ally

Triller may be suing TikTok for patent infringement, but the case has got the National Music Publishers Association (NMPA) boss David Israelite riled.

“I want to make sure I am clear on this. Stealing someone else’s intellectual property is bad, right?” he wrote in an Instagram post yesterday, citing a story about the Triller/TikTok lawsuit. “Building a business using someone else’s IP is unacceptable, right? Interesting. Stay tuned.”

This, a few days after another post by Israelite – we’re enjoying this new role for Instagram as a venue for music-licensing sabre rattling – also targeting Triller.

“Is there some tech playbook that teaches companies that build businesses using songs without permission to say they “have agreements with all the major..labels and publishers” which is intended to make a reader think the tech platform is properly licensed when in fact is an admission that it has SOME licenses but not ALL the licenses it needs?” he wrote then.

“It’s a tired argument and not particularly effective. And, people aren’t stupid. It’s a simple proposition – license songs before you use them. And when caught not doing so, deal with it properly.”

Stuart Dredge

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