Wednesday, August 5, 2020

NetEase Cloud Music ups moderation after ‘NetEmo’ meme | Music Ally

We’ve written before about one area where Chinese music streaming services like NetEase Cloud Music beat most of their western equivalents: they have a thriving comments ecosystem where listeners are giving their views on music.

The flipside of that: those western streaming services don’t have to worry about comment / community moderation, which can be challenging and sometimes controversial work. Just ask any social network.

By way of illustration, check the South China Morning Post’s article about the latest moderation challenge for NetEase Cloud Music. A meme called ‘NetEmo’ has been gaining popularity on its platform, focusing (seriously for some users, and jokingly for others) on feelings of anxiety and depression in 2020.

While it’s a small percentage of overall comments on the service, NetEase told the newspaper that it is partnering with mental research bodies and hiring more content moderators and even therapists to “create a positive and friendly atmosphere”.

Stuart Dredge


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