Friday, August 14, 2020

Meitu: The Virtual Social Future Of Music Sharing In China | Music Think Tank

Introducing Meitu 

Meitu aka Meitu Xiu Xiu or Meitu Pic is an image editing software mostly used in China however it is available on Google Play and App store to western countries. Released in 2013 by the mobile phone and selfie app company Meitu inc, hosts more than 456 million users who post more than 6 billion photos every month. This was back in 2016 so it can be seen that these numbers have grown even more today as it is now the leading photo and video selfie editing app in China.

There is no other selfie app that compares and will be foreseeably the go-to selfie editing app worldwide. Relying on AI to analyze and implement desired edits based on filter themes such as Sparkling water, Oil Painting, Gourmet, Film Movie, Campus and more. It is free for so revenue is generated by in-app purchases, for extra functionalities.

It has a host of other features that will make your dream image come true which can be as lifelike or as fairytale as you like. Including but not limited to: slimming, trending make-up, theme stickers, animated effects are some but nothing like the Hand drawn feature that has created the weird anime style images of Donald trump, Mark Zuckerberg, and Beyoncé.



Donald Trump Anime Meitu

Adding Music to Video and Sharing

What is most interesting to us at Musicinfo is the video editing features. Not only can you adjust your “beauty” settings in real time, add text, stickers, and themed filters; You can add music! Music is listed in themed categories that users can choose from and add to their video.

With most Chinese music and video streaming and online applications there is the social aspect, an easily accessible community for you to share content and follow people built into the service. You can comment and share content much like any social media without leaving the app. Or in some cases there is a complementing app that will allow you to do so.

Meipai, also from the same creators as Meitu XiuXiu, is a video app where you can create short plays. Meipai has many features that allow you to use and share your video that you created in Meitu. Unfortunately for Western users it is not available outside China but good for Musicinfo artists’ music as this would create copyright conflict if it were. Meipai hosts and tracks the music it utilizes it pays back surprising amounts and has become one of Musicinfo’s top providing services.

Get Your Foot in The Door

It is these opportunities that Musicinfo provides that find the niches for your music to be found and heard. And it is these social communities integrated in the apps and services themselves, not heard of in Western services, that differs from the way content is shared and found. There is a high social aspect that requires artists to be present on SOME and across platforms.

This strategy of covering all your bases across platforms, video, streaming, and SOME are the building blocks of successful artists. This is why Musicinfo is upping its game all the time by providing the latest, video platforms, streaming services, and SOME to help build your own community. The hardest part is getting your foot in the door, Musicinfo makes it happen!


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