Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Live Nation's Return To Live In Germany Moved To Late Autumn | Pollstar News

Merkur Spiel-ArenaPeter Weihs/ D.LIVEMerkur Spiel-ArenaLocated in Düsseldorf, Germany.

In light of the number of infections that make new capacity restrictions imminent in Germany, Live Nation GSA CEO Marek Lieberberg was forced to reschedule the Sept. 4 concert headlined by Bryan Adams to late autumn.

Despite Live Nation's conclusive hygiene and protection concept, and the goodwill of all partners involved – including D.Live, operator of Merkur Spiel-Arena Düsseldorf, where the concert was supposed to happen, as well as The City of Düsseldorf – it was the state government's reservations that thwarted the plans in the end.

"The health and safety of our fans, artists and employees is our top priority. Whilst we understand that the situation is constantly evolving, we are still of the opinion that our catalog of measures offers comprehensive protection," commented promoter Marek Lieberberg. 

He expressed his conviction that live music events would take place at full capacity in the not-too-distant future, "because it is not possible to suppress the desire of fans and artists in the long run! 

Marek Lieberberg, CEO of Live Nation GSA, speaks at a rally of the event industry in Frankfurt/Main, June 22. Andreas Arnold/picture alliance via Getty ImagesMarek Lieberberg, CEO of Live Nation GSA, speaks at a rally of the event industry in Frankfurt/Main, June 22. With actions like these, supported by artists, cultural workers, theaters, agencies and their subcontractors, event organizers want to draw attention to the economic disaster caused by government restrictions in reaction to Covid-19.

"The Düsseldorf model is and remains the right concept for a gradual return to normality. This is what the 150,000 suspended employees of this highly diverse and vital industry in Germany, tens of thousands of artists and millions of music lovers are waiting for."

A reported rising rate of infections in Germany means that renewed capacity restrictions are imminent. Some 7,000 tickets for the 12,000-capacity concert at Merkur Spiel-Arena had already been sold. They will now be refunded.

Lieberberg thanked Bryan Adams and the remaining confirmed artists Sarah Connor, Rea Garvey, The BossHoss, Joris and Michael Mittermeier for their willingness to perform in Düsseldorf, and emphasized their outstanding commitment to the project.

He expressed special words of gratitude to the City of Düsseldorf as well as D.Live who have supported the event from its inception.


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