Thursday, August 27, 2020

Fortnite’s new season is live… but not for Apple devices | Music Ally

The new season of Fortnite goes live today: Chapter 2 – Season 4 is a big tie-up with Marvel, with a bunch of its superheroes and supervillains added to the game, complete with their most famous locations – and an in-game comic explaining how they got there.

But one section of Fortnite’s player community won’t be joining in: people who use iPhones, iPads or Mac computers to play Fortnite. This is because of Epic Games’s ongoing legal battle with Apple over its desire to use its own in-app purchases system on iOS rather than Apple’s.

As things stand, new downloads of Fortnite as well as updates for people who’ve already downloaded it are both blocked. The latter means iOS (and now MacOS users too) won’t be able to get the new season.

Instead, people with Fortnite on their Apple devices will be able to continue playing the last version – Chapter 2 – Season 3 – but only with one another, because cross-play with other devices (like games consoles and PCs) won’t work.

Whichever side you’re backing in this particular corporate battle, it’s clear that fans of the game are losing out – although it’s not clear what percentage of Fortnite players play on iOS or MacOS, nor how many of them don’t have access to other devices to play on in the meantime.

Stuart Dredge


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