Monday, August 10, 2020

‘Don’t be that guy’ – Australian music industry fights harassment | Music Ally

Recent weeks have seen a series of stories about sexual harassment in and around the Australian music industry. Now the industry is coming together around an initiative to tackle the issue.

It’s called the Music Industry Collaborative Commitment, and has been co-founded by The Brag Media MD Poppy Reid and artist manager Mick Walsh.

It’s a pledge covering “discrimination, harassment, and abuse related to gender, sexuality, ethnicity, age, ability, and minority status” that already has the backing of a number of music companies, including Air BMG, Downtown Music Publishing, Cooking Vinyl and Musiio so far.

“The goal is that the Commitment is widely adopted when setting up writing or recording sessions, photoshoots, rehearsals, and any kind of meeting – to put respect and safety on the agenda, provide some guidelines on appropriate behaviour, and so that all parties can commit to creating a safe environment before they meet,” is the thinking behind it.

The pledge will be promoted under the slogan ‘Don’t Be That Guy‘.

Stuart Dredge


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