Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Clash Video short-video app signs up 200k users in its first week | Music Ally

It seems to be the season for TikTok alternatives to be staking their claims for young video creators. The latest example is a new app called Clash Video, which soft-launched last week for iPhones in the US.

“We’re building the first Creator-Founded social network, empowering short form video creators through innovative monetization options, inclusive communities, and fun, creator inspired features,” explains the blurb on its website.

News site Tubefilter has more details. Clash’s co-founder is Brendon McNerney, who was big on Vine back in the day – an app that has influenced Clash. The latter enables people to post looping videos up to 21 seconds long, although there isn’t (yet) a catalogue of music clips to use.

According to McNerney, Clash has more than 200,000 users already, a week after its launch. Co-founded with P.J. Leimgruber, of influencer marketing firm NeoReach, the pitch is that the app is built *by* influencers, who should have a good sense of what features their peers want.

Tubefilter also reported that it’s going to be giving stock options to 200-300 ‘creator owners’ to give them a stake in Clash’s success, if it takes off.

Stuart Dredge

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