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Certain Songs #1896: The Replacements – “Darlin’ One (Matt Wallace Mix)” | Medialoper

Album: Dead Man’s Pop
Year: 1989

. . .

Your time has come

“Darlin’ One” was the final track on Don’t Tell a Soul, but for the Dead Man’s Pop remix, Matt Wallace moved it to just after “Achin’ To Be,” and so shall we.

That said, when Don’t Tell a Soul originally came out, I actually liked “Darlin’ One” at the end of the album, even though it forced me to listen to “Rock ‘n’ Roll Ghost,” a song that I’ve never liked, either musically or melodically, an admission I’m no doubt gonna get flagellated for.

In any event, perhaps its placement on the album is one of the reasons that “Darlin’ One” is one of the more unnoticed songs in the Replacements canon, to the point where I couldn’t even call it “underrated,” since I’m not aware of anybody ever rating it.

But I love it, because it’s the ‘Mats conquering yet another previously uncharted territory: psychedelia, right down to the words.

The smell of man that now scents your wings
And with that, brings a change in things
Banished forever from the sacred nest
On your snow-white breast
I feel there’s still unrest

But it’s not really the words that make “Darlin’ One” as enjoyable as it is, it’s the music, starting with the opening guitars fade-in already twisting and turning around each other, which leads to the martial Chris Mars drumbeat that underpins the whole song, and peaks each and every time they hit this chorus.

I said
Darlin’ one
Your time has come
Darlin’ one

The big hook here, of course, is Tommy’s backing vocal. As I’ve mentioned before, he sang more in the Dead Man’s Pop sessions than on any other ‘Mats album, and each one of his his long held-out “heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy” is a pure and utter delight.

Also a pure and utter delight, the guitar solo, either by Paul or Slim, coming just after Paul has appended a heartfelt “your time has just … begun” at the end of the chorus, sliding out of the vocals and corkscrewing in and around the rest of the music.

All in all, “Darlin’ One” was a complete stretch for the Replacements — actually, come to think of it, a lot of Dead Man’s Pop was — but it was one of their more successful stretches.

“Darlin One”

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