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Atomic Music Group Cuts Ties With Unknown Hinson Following Offensive Social Media Comments | Pollstar News

Unknown Hinson by Gary Miller/FilmMagic/Getty ImagesUnknown Hinson performs with Billy Bob Thornton and The Boxmasters at the Austin Music Hall on Dec. 15, 2009 in Austin, Texas.

Atomic Music Group is no longer representing Stuart Baker, known by his stage name Unknown Hinson, after the psychobilly musician/voice actor posted sexist and racist remarks on social media attacking Dolly Parton and her support of the Black Lives Matter movement, as well as sharing disparaging remarks about liberals.  

A spokesperson for Atomic Music Group told Pollstar Aug. 20 that agent Matthew Mentele and Atomic Music Group have terminated their representation of Unknown Hinson effective immediately. 

“The recent comments made by Stuart do not reflect the ideals or values of myself or any of the agents at Atomic Music Group and we cannot support anyone that expresses themselves in such an insensitive manner,“ Mentele said in a statement. 

A few days before that the creators of Adult Swim animated TV series  “Squidbillies” also announced that the show would no longer feature Hinson, who had voiced Early Cuyler since 2005. 

"We're aware of the extremely offensive and derogatory social media posts made late last week by Stuart D. Baker," creators Jim Fortier and Dave Willis

said in a statement

posted on the official "Squidbillies" Twitter account Aug. 16. "The views he expressed do not reflect our own personal values or the values of the show that we and many others have worked hard to produce over the past 15 years. For those reasons, production of Squidbillies will continue without Mr. Baker, effective immediately."


pointed to a

screenshot of a Facebook post

by Baker, that has since been deleted, in which Baker shared an article about Dolly Parton supporting the Black Lives Matter movement with a caption saying, “So, now this freak titted, old Southern bimbo is a BLM Lover? Remember, slut, Rednecks made you a Millionaire! Well Dolly read this.”

In another post that has since been deleted, Baker presumably responded to backlash about his comments by saying, “Yeah leave. Leave Liberals! Unfriend me, please. Because I don’t want you UN-AMERICANS around! Have fun becoming an Eloi or something without a thought of your own where you bow down to the ALL-KNOWING-MINORITY! Have FUN forsaking your own race, culture and heritage. Have a nice time!”

Baker was referencing a recent

Billboard cover story

about Parton in which she shared support for recent Black Lives Matter protests by saying, “I understand people having to make themselves known and felt and seen. And of course Black lives matter. Do we think our little white asses are the only ones that matter? No!”  

Reverend Guitars has also

cut ties Unknown Hinson

. The company responded to comments on Facebook requesting the company censor Baker by saying, “We are no longer associated with Unknown Hinson. We have stopped production on his guitars and we have removed him from our website. Thank you for your concern.”


posted a statement

on his social media pages Aug. 21 apologizing for his offensive comments and declaring, “I do support the efforts of BLM and standing in solidarity to change the social injustices in America, but I can never stand for violence or hatred.” 

He added, “I hope those I offended can forgive my words as I work towards using my talents and resources to bring awareness to the many issues we face as a united community. I do not have any negative feelings toward Adult Swim and the creators of Squidbillies or Reverend Guitars, again I am accountable for my words, so for fans that have lashed out at at hem I would tell them it is poorly used energy.” 

Baker announced his retirement from live performing in June, saying in a

post on Facebook

, “My dear friends, Unfortunately I don’t think I’ll be playing anymore Shows. My hands are absolutely shot with Osteoarthritis. I love you all and I am grateful to you for supporting me for 50 plus years. God bless you, -Stuart Baker/Unknown Hinson.”

The most recent report for Unknown Hinson reported to Pollstar’s Boxoffice was a March 22, 2019 show at Capone’s in Johnson City, Tenn., that sold 313 tickets and grossed $5,655. 

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