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64% Of Musicians Are Considering Leaving The Business

A new survey of musicians shows just deep and how widespread the pandemic’s affect on music is.

64% of UK musicians surveyed are thinking about leaving the music business.

And this is in England, where government assistance is more available than in the US and some smaller shows are currently allowed.

The survey conducted by UK online musician booking platform, Encore Musicians also showed that due to widespread event cancellations musicians have lost on average 87% of their live bookings and with them their main source of income.

Livelihood lost overnight

  • On average musicians have lost £11,300 in cancelled bookings as a result of the pandemic
  • 50% have no bookings in the diary for the remainder of 2020 (average for same period last year was 27 bookings)

Exodus of musical talent

  • 64% say they are thinking about leaving the music profession
  • 40% have applied for a non-music job since March 

The government is not giving enough support 

  • 41% respondents hadn’t received any government support
  • 42% had received some kind of non-Governmental support, mainly from the Musicians Union or the charity Help Musicians UK

Young women worst affected

  • Predicted earnings in Aug – Dec 2020 vs the same period last year are down by 90% for musicians aged 25-34  (compared to 73% for those aged 65+) 
  • Men have 34% more gigs booked for the rest of 2020 than women (an average of 3.8 gigs for men and 2.5 for women)  

Farewell Symphony: Classical musicians have the fewest bookings

  • With an average of 2 bookings, classical musicians have the lowest number of gigs booked for the remainder of 2020 compared to other genres. Pop musicians are likely to have the fullest diaries with an average of 5 gigs booked in for the remainder of 2020.     

Pop musicians have lost the most money

  • On average, pop musicians have lost £19,900 in earnings as a result of cancellations since March 2020 (compared to the average of £11,300 across all genres)

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