Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Women in CTRL report analyses diversity of UK trade bodies | Music Ally

Not-for-profit organisation Women in CTRL has published a report this morning analysing the diversity of 12 British music industry bodies, focusing on their teams, board members, CEOs and chairs.

AIM, the BPI, FAC, Ivors Academy, ISM, MMF, MPA, MPG, MVT, PPL, PRS for Music and UK Music are the bodies under scrutiny, and the report says they have work to do.

Across the 12 bodies, there are three women CEOs and one woman chair, although there’s a range when it comes to board members: the MVT has a 50/50 gender split on its board, while MMF’s is 56.2% women for example, while PRS for Music and PPL are only 12.5% and 6.2% respectively.

The report also focuses on Black women specifically, finding that they only hold five board seats out of a possible 185, and only two positions out of 122 roles within the bodies’ teams.

“If we really want to really eradicate inequality in music then all organisations need to take accountability and make concrete action to increase representation of women in leadership roles, and diversity and inclusion within their organisations for minorities, in particular Black women who are severely underrepresented,” said Women in CTRL founder Nadia Khan.

The organisation has a five-point diversity pledge that it hopes the trade bodies will sign up to, which you can find in the report.

Stuart Dredge


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