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TuneCore Expands To India

TuneCore has expanded its DIY digital music distribution service to India.

The Believe owned company will now allow India-based artists to collect revenue from Indian and global streaming services, digital download stores in their local currency.

India is the eight international expansion for Tunecore. It expanded into the UK and Australia in 2015, Germany, France and Italy in 2016. TuneCore Japan and TuneCore Canada have provided similar localized services since 2012 and 2011, respectively.

Local Services & Content

Tunecore.in will also feature local content that caters to the Indian independent artist community including guides written by local music industry veterans Achille Forler and Mae Thomas which provide practical steps, education and advice for Indian independent artists.

Indian customers will also have access to TuneCore’s robust portfolio of artist services, including YouTube Sound Recording Revenue collection service, Facebook/Instagram Music, and TuneCore Fan Reviews.

“We have been using TuneCore for our songs since the release of our self-titled album Maati Baani in 2016”, says independent artist Kartik Shah of Folk & World music Band Maati Baani. “What we love about this platform is the simplicity to upload our songs and the transparency it offers while monitoring our revenue. It has helped us immensely in reaching our fanbase in India and across the world.”

Country Manager For India Named

Music industry veteran Heena Kriplani will serve as the TuneCore Country Manager for India. “TuneCore and Believe’s artist-centric approach aligns seamlessly with my own. India has always had a unique music landscape and I’m glad we’re able to service local, independent artists with tools created specifically for keeping their global reach and local needs in mind,” says Kriplani. “TuneCore.in aims to be part of the solution and, with our store and streaming partners, we will help democratize the music ecosystem in India while enabling every artist to be heard across borders, without giving up their rights or revenue.”

“With our expanding international customer base coupled with the constantly evolving music industry, our goal is to continue to support all artists, at all stages of their career, at the local level by giving them the resources and tools they need to be successful,” says Denis Ladegaillerie, CEO of Believe. “Our global expansion into India not only allows us to further our mission of supporting our artists at the local level, in the best way possible. TuneCore uniquely pays 100 percent of what is collected from the digital services, which has made the company the leader in helping artists get what they deserve.”

Special Offer

As an introductory offer, TuneCore artists in India will get fifty percent off the regular distribution costs with singles available for ₹499 (regularly ₹999) and 1st year distribution for albums available for ₹1499 (regularly ₹2899).

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