Friday, July 10, 2020

Songwriting Strategies: The Anti-Artist Way | Hypebot

Songwriting Strategies: The Anti-Artist Way

Often when writing new music, artists find themselves stuck in something of a creative rut. Here we look at some creative techniques for broadening your songwriting horizons, and cultivating effective strategies for developing new material.

In this latest article from MusicThinkTank, contributor John Merigliano shares some innovative new techniques for breaking out of a creative rut and composing exciting new music.

“Another aspect that you can look at in your music, is the overall sound that you are producing. You might be in a band that has a very straightforward lineup: guitar(s), bass, drums, and a vocalist. Perhaps most of the personnel in the band also play other instruments. That’s not an uncommon scenario. You could, for example, produce a thinner sound by losing the bass on a tune. The bass player can pick up another guitar. This limitation will force you to get creative in how you are going to support the low end for that tune. You might also consider bringing in a keyboard, organ, or sampled sounds.”

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