Friday, July 24, 2020

Report hails Twitch’s ‘skyscraper’ viewing hours in Q2 2020 | Music Ally

Another Covid-19 lockdown trend is the sharp growth of viewing hours for livestreaming video services, particularly Twitch. Industry firms StreamElements and Arsenal·gg have published their latest ‘State of the Stream’ report quantifying this growth.

“Twitch’s 2nd quarter chart bars look like skyscrapers compared to Q1’s single floor dwellings,” it claimed, with a chart showing monthly viewing hours for Twitch in Q1 and Q2. “Twitch grew 56% in hours watched in Q2 compared to Q1 of this year surpassing the 5 billion mark.”

There’s also a stat on how the ‘Music and Performing Arts’ category on Twitch is doing. “The 16th most viewed category with a 268% increase in hours watched from January to June 2020 with a peak viewership of 25m hours watched in May,” according to StreamElements.

Keep that in perspective though: in June, games like League of Legends (135m hours) Grand Theft Auto V (96m) and Fortnite (95m) were several times bigger individually than the entire music category. Still, we’re encouraged by the latter’s growth.

Stuart Dredge


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