Monday, July 13, 2020

MLC says it will launch its user portal ‘later this quarter’ | Music Ally

The US’s new Mechanical Licensing Collective body (MLC) has provided an update on its plans to launch a portal for independent songwriters to register their works.

At the NY:LON Connect conference in January, MLC chair Alisa Coleman said the aim was to have the portal live early in the second quarter of 2020. Then the global Covid-19 pandemic happened, so it’s no surprise that the plans have been pushed back.

“The MLC intends to begin rolling out the first version of its user portal later this quarter,” explains a press release now. “This version will enable users to set-up their accounts and then search, view and edit The MLC’s data for existing musical works and register new musical works.”

Ahead of that launch, the MLC has made available a ‘Music Data Organization Form’ for self-publishing songwriters and composers that (in CEO Kris Ahrend’s words) “outlines the information self-administered writers will need to compile in order to register their musical works in The MLC Portal”.

So, it’s not a form that they’ll submit, but it’s designed to help them gather the data to make that eventual process faster.

Stuart Dredge


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