Monday, July 13, 2020

Marshmello’s latest venture is… raved-up nursery rhymes! | Music Ally

Millions of children already know who Marshmello is, thanks to the dance star’s concert in Fortnite in February 2019, which drew a crowd of 10.7 million people.

Now he’s setting his sights even younger with the launch of Mellodees. It’s a partnership with management boss Moe Shalizi: a musically-focused preschool brand offering raved-up nursery rhymes on YouTube and other platforms.

If you want an earworm for the rest of the day (or, if you’re currently trying to keep a toddler happy while juggling work tasks!) try the first Mellodees video: ‘ABC’s Song‘. The channel will use 3D animation and lyrics in its videos, with plans to expand beyond nursery rhymes into original music and stories later this year, then toys and other merch in 2021.

Regular readers of Music Ally will have already twigged that this is all smart business sense for Marshmello: animated nursery rhymes channels are a hugely popular category on YouTube. One of them, Cocomelon, recently became the first channel to do more than one billion views in a single week.

In fact, we’ve been analysing the sector for a piece in our next quarterly report, which comes out later this week. In the week ending 21 June, the 10 biggest children’s music YouTube channels along did 2.7bn views combined.

This is also something we’ll be exploring in the upcoming New Kids On The Block online event, in partnership with ERA, the BPI and Kids Insights.

Stuart Dredge


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