Thursday, July 16, 2020

Liteboxer launches, already hailed as the ‘Peloton of boxing’ | Music Ally

Liteboxer is the latest fitness startup that’s making music a key part of its service. It launched yesterday, with both TechCrunch and Engadget running with the ‘Peloton of boxing’ shorthand to describe the company’s offering. That means a combination of hardware and software: a free-standing machine with lights to guide your punches, which connects to a smartphone or tablet app running workouts created by the company for a range of skill levels and intensities. And yes, there’s music accompanying all this, just as with Peloton: punching in sync with the beats is the way Liteboxer works.

Where does that music come from? “Liteboxer’s punch tracks use top music from a robust range of artists and genres with the premium subscription,” explains the FAQ page. “Basic punch tracks are available subscription-free.” So there appears to be a licensing opportunity here for labels. As you can tell, there’s also a Peloton-style model combining upfront costs of the hardware ($1,495 in this case) with a monthly subscription ($29). For now it’s available in the US.

Stuart Dredge


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