Monday, July 27, 2020

India’s new livestreaming tariff plans are already changing | Music Ally

We reported earlier this month on plans by Indian collecting society IPRS to start charging licensing fees for music livestreams – and initial criticism that the plans could leave artists out of pocket.

Now the plans are changing. Medianama reported that the introduction of the new tariffs appears to have been delayed until September, amid more protests from Indian musicians.

Then journalist (and Music Ally contributor) Amit Gurbaxani talked to IPRS for Firstpost about its plans. What’s happening now is that the collecting society is “working towards fixing revised licence fee rates” in response to the criticism, with CEO Rakesh Nigam promising that they will be “not a burden on anyone but that the IPRS members’ interests are protected”.

The minimum fee will be reduced as part of this, and free livestreams will not now fall under the tariff. “If you’re not making any money then we will not be charging any royalty.”

Stuart Dredge


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