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How Listening To Music At Work Can Boost Your Productivity | Music Think Tank

Music has existed since forever. It may sound odd, but our ancestors were listening to music too. Only in other forms. The birds chirping, the splash of the waves, the fire burning, or the sound of rain can also be categorized as music. Especially nowadays, when all these basic sounds and many more are combined to make relaxing tracks. 

However, music has evolved and now we have about 40 primary genres of music. This would sound simple, but there are over 300 sub-genres of music. So, if you have not found your favorite music genre yet, for sure there is the right one for you. 

Music is present at every moment of our lives. We hear music when we go shopping, drive the car or drink a beer on a terrace with friends. Music is embedded in our lives and without it, everything would be completely different. Why? 

Because music has many positive effects on your mood and mind, and it can certainly trigger some emotions, reactions, or behaviors. And there comes the question: should you listen to music while working? 

Many people think that you need complete silence to improve your focus power and productivity. But according to a study made by uk writers from Dissertation Today on music perception, music can enhance your productivity and creativity. And listening to music while working is recommended, you only need to find the genres that suit you. 

A recent study has compared two groups of engineers that were either listening to music while working, either working in complete silence. The researchers have found out that the group who was listening to music has improved their mood and quality of work. This means that they were happier, and a more positive state of mind and mood leads to a better work quality. 

But how does music improve your productivity? 

Choose the Right Music for Your Tasks 

We all know those days full of tasks. The agenda is crowded, some are routine tasks, others are more complex, and you need to find the time, resources, and motivation necessary to complete them all. It turns out that depending on the complexity of your work, you can choose the right music genre that will help you focus better. 

For example, routine tasks are kind of automatic and repetitive, so you already know the steps you need to take to accomplish them. Your brain does not need to focus so much because it already knows the task, so you can listen to complex music. On the other side, working on complex tasks requires simpler music or ambient noise. 

You can always find on YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud, or other music apps relaxing and chill music, great for study sessions or complex tasks. This kind of music helps you focus better because it does not have abrupt changes in rhythm, which catch your attention involuntarily and make concentration harder. 

Smooth and simple music help you focus, especially if you are very sensitive to the noise around you. The best thing you can do is to use a pair of noise cancellation headphones to block unwanted noises in your office. 

Motivating Lyrics 

We all need a little bit of motivation every now and then. And because not all the time we can talk with someone close to us and benefit from his support, music can give you the motivation you need. 

Some people prefer watching motivational talks or listening to motivational podcasts, but others take their motivation from their favorite songs. We all have those songs that give us good vibes and the desire to accomplish our tasks. And productivity comes from the songs we enjoy listening to. They push us to go further and uplift our mood, which in turn boosts our productivity. 

Music Therapy 

There is a domain of psychotherapy that focuses on music. This means that some therapists use music to alter the mood of their patients. This is known as iso principle and it is a technique used to gradually give you a different mood

You can practice this therapy principle and choose to start your morning with nice and happy songs. They will instantly improve your mood and you will be more creative. Listening to the same or similar songs while working is efficient, as if you are feeling down, these songs will instantly uplift your mood. 

Music can increase your productivity directly, but it also boosts other skills that increase productivity, such as creativity or problem-solving. Find something peaceful and calm and that gives you good vibes and the motivation to kick off the day. 

Be Flexible 

Even though studies showed that lyrical tracks and upbeats are more suited for those who perform repetitive and routine tasks, as it helps them to stay alert, it is just a matter of preference. So, you need to be flexible when you start growing your work music playlist. 

Whenever you hear a song that makes you happy, motivates you, and uplifts your mood, add it to your playlist. Over time and with perseverance, it will grow into a playlist you will often turn to to boost your mood. 

Listen to the Music You Like 

Every person has its own taste when it comes to music. What you may find enlightening, might be boring for others and vice versa. So, while some people might be motivated by Metallica, others might turn to Chopin. 

Avoid looking for music that enhances your productivity, and instead, listen to tracks you like. Studies have shown that music is related to our reward system in the brain. When we listen to music we love, the brain releases dopamine, which is known as the feel-good neurotransmitter. It contributes to feelings of pleasure and satisfaction, so the music we love can make us feel better and happier. 

Researchers have shown that surgeons’ stress levels decreased when they were listening to the music they love and, in turn, their productivity level increased. And even though they listened to music they disliked; it was more helpful than not listening to music at all. 

So, choose the songs you like and not the ones others say they work for them. Match the type and genre of your songs with your tasks to increase your cognitive performance, alertness, and motivation. And if you find yourself in a deadlock, you can start listening to well-known happy songs such as The Beatles’ ‘Here comes the sun’, Queen’s ‘Another one bites the dust’ or ‘Don’t stop me now’. 

If you are more a classical type of person, then you can try listening to Pachelbel’s ‘Canon in D minor’ or Vivaldi’s ‘The 4 seasons’. You can find the right artists and tracks for every genre of music, starting from EDM and ending with metal. Just listen to songs you like. Keep in mind to avoid songs with familiar voices as they can be distracting.  


Listening to music at work can boost your productivity. It directly boosts your creativity, problem-solving skills, motivation, and alertness. Music at work can boost your mood and improve your well-being, and these in turn make you more focused and productive. 

Slowly grow a playlist with songs you love and give yourself the freedom to experiment. Be flexible and match the genre of the music with your tasks, as some genres can improve your cognitive performance and others help you stay motivated. 

Music therapy works great in the morning, so do not be afraid to kick off your mornings with a good song. 

Author Bio: Joe McLean is a freelance writer at dissertation help, one of the top essay writing services uk. He loves music and has studied how you can evoke pleasure by listening to different genres. Daniel shares his advice and guidelines with anyone interested in music-related topics at top essay writing services






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