Monday, July 27, 2020

Former Echo Nest / Spotify exec invests in startup MyPart | Music Ally

MyPart is the Israeli startup that’s been working on technology for deep analysis of music, for A&R and other purposes. Part of the Abbey Road Red incubator, we profiled the startup earlier this year, and reported on its pitch at the NY:LON Connect conference in January.

Anyway, you know another company that famously built tech for deep analysis of music? The Echo Nest, which was ultimately acquired by Spotify to power its personalisation wizardry.

Now there’s a link across the startup generations, with The Echo Nest’s co-founder and chief scientific officer Tristan Jehan – later director of research at Spotify – joining MyPart’s advisory board and investing in the company.

“MyPart has taken a giant leap into automatic song comprehension,” he said in a statement. “The team has developed a unique machine-learning powered ability to extract deep aesthetic and semantic insights from song lyrics and compositions, and productised it into the most valuable song search product available today”.

High praise from someone who knows his music-mining onions: so can MyPart follow in The Echo Nest’s footsteps towards a high-profile exit?

Stuart Dredge


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