Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Facebook signs deal with Indian collecting society IPRS | Music Ally

The Indian Performing Rights Society (IPRS) has signed a deal with Facebook for use of the repertoire it represents in videos, music stickers and stories on the platform.

The deal also covers similar usage on Instagram, with IPRS saying it “will cover licensing and royalties whenever music represented by the IPRS is used on Facebook and Instagram”.

News of the deal comes shortly after Instagram launched its new ‘Reels’ feature in India. It’s the app’s equivalent of TikTok, enabling people to create 15-second videos with music soundtracks.

The feature arrived in India just after the government there banned TikTok as part of a wider crackdown on apps of Chinese origin.

The deal with IPRS matches those made already by Facebook elsewhere in the world, with a string of user-generated content (UGC) focused licensing agreements with collecting societies and music rightsholders.

It also comes shortly after IPRS announced plans for a new licensing scheme for online livestreams involving music, which will charge artists or livestream organisers a minimum of 20,000 rupees (around $266) plus taxes for these events.

Eamonn Forde

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