Thursday, July 30, 2020

BoxVR fitness game to get a major overhaul as FitXR | Music Ally

FitXR is the UK-based startup that’s had a hit with virtual reality fitness game BoxVR. Earlier this month, the company raised $7.5m of Series A funding, and now it’s announcing a major overhaul of its main product.

Renamed FitXR, the app will start with more than four hours of boxing workouts, each with their own musical soundtrack, and audio prompts from its roster of trainers. Later in the year, the company says it will add “different styles of workout” to take the game beyond boxing – the phrasing being used is “virtual fitness studio”.

As we noted at the time of the funding round, music is a crucial part of BoxVR (and now FitXR) with the punches, dodges and blocks in its workouts synchronised to soundtracks including rock, hip-hop, pop and drum’n’bass.

Thus far, that music is mainly being sourced from production libraries, but with FitXR already selling extra workouts as downloadable content (DLC) packs, there’s potential – as has been explored by VR game Beat Saber – for licensed artist packs too.

The news came as research firm SuperData published its latest ‘XR’ forecasts for the VR and AR sectors. It reckons that they’ll generate $6.9bn of revenue in 2020, and also estimates that the top two VR headsets – Facebook’s Oculus Quest and Sony’s PlayStation VR – sold 177k and 155k units respectively in Q2.

Stuart Dredge


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