Thursday, July 30, 2020

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BeatStars: A New Digital Distributor At Very Competitive Price

There are more than few digital distributors to choose from when it comes to getting your music to online streaming platforms, all offering pretty much the same service for varying prices, but the latest member to the Digital Distribution party, BeatStars, might just be the cheapest of them all.

Guest post by Bobby Owsinski of Music 3.0

There are plenty of digital distributors that can post your music to the various online streaming services, and now it’s gotten to the point where the major difference between them is their cost. This price can be anywhere from a monthly or yearly fee, to a fee per song or album, to a percentage of the revenue generated. That said, none seem lower than the new kid on the block, BeatStars Distribution.

You might have heard of BeatStars already for being the source for the track used on Lil Nas X’s breakout hit “Old Town Road.” The company claims to have over 2 million users, and reportedly has paid out over $85 million in royalties already. It’s also reportedly inked a deal with Sony/ATV Publishing to find sync opportunities for BeatStar clients. Adding distribution to its offerings seems like a logical extension of those services.

Here’s the good news for artists. The cost is only $1.99 per month with unlimited track uploads! Even better is the fact that artists get to keep 100% of the revenue generated. The company claims that it’s already signed up over 4,000 artists in just the first week of operation.

Now the downside is that you have to keep paying because if your subscription lapses then all of the tracks will disappear from the various services, but at $1.99 per month that shouldn’t be much of a problem for any artist. Even if the company decides to raise the price, it’s still a great deal.

It’s also true that BeatStars caters to electronic musicians and beat makers, but the distribution part of the company shouldn’t deter artists from other genres using it to release their material.

Interestingly enough, the company has been off the radar to many within the industry. It’s located in cities somewhat away from the major media centers (Austin, Funchal, Portugal, and Porto Alegre, Brazil), but all that may change if their distribution network catches fire.

You can find out more about BeatStars Distribution here.


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