Thursday, July 9, 2020

175m music fans are tracking artists in WMG’s Songkick app | Music Ally

Warner Music Group bought the Songkick app and website in July 2017, and has continued to run it since as a way for people to find out when artists they like are playing concerts near them.

WMG is also continuing to invest in Songkick: today, for example, it announced the appointment of a VP of technology for the division: a promotion for Alexey Blinov, who’s been working at Songkick since 2014 as a software developer. This would just be a regular executive announcement, but we spotted an interesting figure in the press release: the description of Songkick as “the platform that helps 175 million music fans annually track their favourite artists, discover concerts and buy tickets”.

Annual active users isn’t our favourite metric – monthly would be better – but it’s still a useful reminder that Songkick is very much alive and kicking under WMG’s ownership. The announcement also notes that one of Blinov’s first jobs in his new role is to oversee a “pivot to the forefront of the virtual live events space”, in the continued Covid-19 pandemic.

Stuart Dredge


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