Monday, June 8, 2020

YouTube reveals stats for its creator tipping economy | Music Ally

It hasn’t been available to musicians in the past, but YouTube’s tips economy – where viewers can buy ‘Super Chats’, ‘Super Stickers’ and channel memberships for the creators they love – has been something Music Ally has been keeping an eye on as it has grown.

Now YouTube has revealed a new figure for the growth in the number of people buying these virtual products. More than 80k YouTube channels earned money from one or more of these features (plus the ability to sell merchandise from YouTube) in the 28 days up to 2 June, according to the latest Creator Insider video, featuring product manager Tom Leung.

Tubefilter reported that Leung also said that since the start of March, two million YouTube users have bought their first Super Chat, Super Sticker or channel membership, while since January the number of channels making most of their revenue from these ancillary features (rather than from ads) has grown by more than 40%. That said, the well-documented challenges for ad revenue on YouTube since the Covid-19 pandemic began is surely also a factor in that last statistic.


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