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Women In Music Presents Marketing Yourself in the Time of COVID: Best Practices For Getting Hired [Midem Digital Edition Spotlight Series] | Hypebot

Women In Music Presents Marketing Yourself in the Time of COVID: Best Practices For Getting Hired [Midem Digital Edition Spotlight Series]

Even in its 2020 digital form, Midem continued its commitment to providing resources and networking opportunities to university students and young professionals

By Dillon Schindler

In association with Women in Music, Midem recently hosted a live stream geared towards anyone looking to land a job in the music industry during the COVID-19 pandemic, and beyond. The panel, presented as part of Women in Music’s Global Leadership Summit at Midem, was composed of seasoned HR professionals at Spotify, YouTube/Google, and Sony/ATV, and addresses best practices for making connections despite the pandemic.

“We are all virtually connected now.”

The panel focuses on the importance of reaching out through platforms like LinkedIn among other methods of digital communication. Elicia Felix-Hughey, senior vice president of Sony’s ATV Music Publishing (USA), shares how the current conditions have created “a great opportunity to tap into areas where we previously were not able to do so. We are all virtually connected now.”

Taara Sajnani, a recruiter for Google/YouTube (USA), reinforces the value of reaching out to professionals with a clear goal-oriented message. She poses a question to young professionals, asking, “What is the easiest way for us (the recruiters) to connect with you (the applicants)?” In an industry built on networking, learning how to communicate efficiently is essential.

The panel gives insight into these matters, providing viewers with tips on how to prepare for success when communicating via digital platforms. From simple solutions like testing a computer’s wifi signal before a meeting to drafting questions before an interview, preparation is the key to success. The panel discusses the importance of providing recruiters with a powerful presentation of one’s self. This process calls for someone to be concise and direct about their experience, skills, and goals. To candidates who are currently undergoing virtual interviews, Elicia Felix-Hughey says, “You need to feel comfortable in this virtual space.” It is important to learn how to properly adapt as a new era of the music industry unfolds. This includes adjusting to new workspaces, people, cultures, and norms. 

Possessing strong attributes and character is important to any employer. It is a great idea for someone to share their values which most significantly separate them from other candidates. The panel encourages candidates to express their diversity through resumes, virtual interviews, and online portfolios. Shannon Kelly, a technology recruiter for Spotify (USA), makes the point that diversity extends beyond race, gender, and ethnicity and ranges to individuals’ differences in thinking, skills, and experiences. She says, “There is a lot that you can bring to the table depending on what each team needs.” The panel urges candidates to share the various elements that they are able to offer to a team.

Importance Of LinkedIn

Throughout the session, the importance of LinkedIn continues to surface as a useful tool for recruiters and candidates alike. LinkedIn provides a platform for neatly organizing and sharing professional experiences and achievements. Being able to show where someone’s knowledge and skills have come from is essential during the application process. LinkedIn is a secure place to keep track of experiences, job positions, projects, and education. This online tool allows professionals to share their experiences with friends, colleagues, and recruiters. Taara Sajnani adds that “LinkedIn is a place for you to be able to show everything that you do and anything that you do.” She, along with other panelists, encourages professionals to share some of their passion projects which accurately portray their personalities and interests.

“an example of the commitment Midem is making to expand its academic programming”

More than ever, it is essential to seek out the latest information about the ever-changing music industry. Midem’s Digital Edition makes learning more accessible for students and professionals internationally. The forum provides audiences with key insights from some of the music industry’s leading professionals. “This panel is just an example of the commitment Midem is making to expand its academic programming. The conference provides an exclusive networking forum, and direct access to the global music industry, for university students, educators, and young professionals,” says Joe Rapolla, chair of the music department and director of the music industry program at Monmouth University, and Midem’s Education Ambassador. 

Adds Nicole Barsalona, President of Women in Music: “Women in Music has been committed to educating, empowering and advancing women in the music industry for 35 years. Now more than ever, our commitment extends past gender diversity to make sure we are actively highlighting diverse and inclusive voices that reflect our community, and to make sure the next generation sees themselves reflected in the industry leadership to which they aspire.”

Author Dillon Schindler is a Music Industry Major at Monmouth University in New Jersey.

For more than 50 years, Midem has brought the global music community together in Cannes. This year, Midem Digital Edition features 264 speakers from 48 countries, 64 sessions, and 23 livestreamed keynote sessions, talks, and presentations. Free registration for all of the full sessions here: 


Women in Music is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a mission to advance the awareness, equality, diversity, heritage, opportunities, and cultural aspects of women in the musical arts through education, support, empowerment, and recognition, Originally founded in 1985 in New York, Women in Music now encompasses chapters across the country and across the globe – from LA to India. Our members are a diverse group of individuals at all stages in their careers — from students to seasoned industry veterans. We are record label executives, artist managers, songwriters, musicians, attorneys, recording engineers, agents, publicists, studio owners, music publishers, marketers, and more. Women in Music believes that the conversation around equality is an inclusive one, where all voices are welcome. Our panels, seminars, webinars, workshops, performance showcases, achievement awards, leadership summits, and global initiatives serve the needs of our diverse communities around the world. For more information, visit


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