Thursday, June 11, 2020

Vivendi survey examines post-lockdown entertainment plans | Music Ally

Vivendi’s Brand Marketing division has been talking about its latest study: a survey of more than 7,200 people about their entertainment habits during the Covid-19 lockdown – and their plans once it eases.

There’s another encouraging data point about digital subscription services (including, but not exclusively, music): according to Pollstar, 60% said they used more paid services than before the lockdown, and one in five said it was the first time they’d paid for these services.

The study also asked more than 1,300 concertgoers about their post-Covid plans. 52% said they’ll return to their pre-pandemic entertainment habits; 25% said they plan to spend more time with virtual entertainment; and 22% said they’d ‘leave the house more often’ in the future.

“Generally speaking, concert goers over-consume all forms of content vs. the general population. Across everything we looked at, they’re more anxious to get back to content in every shape and form,” said Vivendi’s SVP of brand marketing Maria Garrido. “We saw a lot of live digital concerts happening over the confinement, but most of those were free. Coming out of lockdown, our industry needs to innovate around physical, digital and the crossroads of both in live entertainment experiences.”

Stuart Dredge


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