Wednesday, June 17, 2020

US bodies explain why Twitch is suddenly getting takedowns | Music Ally

We’ve been writing about Twitch’s copyright-takedowns problem this month: a barrage of retrospective claims for past music use in videos archived on Amazon’s service, followed by news that Twitch will be pro-actively scanning clips for copyrighted music, and deleting them for creators. Now Billboard has been talking to the two main US music industry bodies about what’s going on.

“During Covid-19, more and more artists have had to turn to livestreaming and innovate. They want to and need to reach their fans. And this could be a wonderful platform,” said RIAA boss Mitch Glazier. “But it makes it hard for artists to be able to do that, for the benefit of the whole ecosystem, if the company is not going to compensate them for their work.”

NMPA chief David Israelite agreed. “We are concerned about unlicensed songs being used on Twitch and are exploring all options to protect the songwriters and music publishers who we represent,” he said. With Glazier promising to “ferociously” pursue opportunities for music rightsholders to get paid for livestreams, pressure is ramping up on Twitch (and Amazon as the parent company) to strike deeper licensing deals.

Stuart Dredge


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